Payday loans have become extremely popular over the last twenty years or so. The Internet has made obtaining these types of loans easier than ever with simplistic applications and timely approval. The fact that there are no credit checks when borrowing this way is also a contributing factor to the popularity of these quick cash loans.

But like any other type of borrowing, knowing what you are getting yourself into means doing your homework and educating yourself on the process in which a payday loan is given out. Payday lender locations run the gamut all over the country and even offshore.

Thousands of payday loan lenders can be found online and hundreds servicing customers in brick-and-mortar locations. Consumers can also look to Tribal based companies as well as offshore lenders. How do you choose? Who can you trust? Are all lenders the same? Consider the following when looking for the right payday loan and payday lender:

*Make sure they are the lender- Finding a reputable lender starts with making sure they are the ones loaning you the money. Many online companies are "third-party" meaning they take your information and sell it to a lender who will actually fund your loan. Keep in mind, the lender who buys the loan nay not be licensed in your state. This can lead to higher interest rates, less customer support and the possibility of your personal information being sender sold to multiple parties.



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